BADAM! Podcast

BADAM! Episode 100: Sexy Hamburglar

October 16, 2018

Troy, Patrick, Chris, and Sabel talk about asian food, writing projects, accidentally meeting Chris at an arcade, Harry Potter, lemonade, cruises, housemates from hell, and Pizza Nuggets.

This week on BADAM! Radio Quests: "Party of Four in The Doom of Dar’shulogh" (One-shot)

Music used:
Country Roads (8-Bit) - John Denver (8-bit music man)
Bustin (Super Mario Paint) - Neil Cicierega (ms. uko)
This is Where They Sleep - Garry Schyman
Death in the Darkness - Jeremy Soule
Running in the 90s - Max Coveri
Medieval Faire - Brandon Fiechter
Deep Waters - Jeremy SouleInto Darkness - Jeremy Soule
His Theme - toby fox
Caught off Guard - Jeremy Soule

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