BADAM! Podcast

BADAM! Episode 66: Pizza Drone

March 12, 2017

Troy, Patrick, Sabel, and Chris talk about car troubles, Chris’ new job, vacations, convention crowds, hardcore dancing, irony, junk mail, and furry raves.

This week on BADAM! Radio Quests: Party of Four in "The Quest for the Arcane Crystal" (Finale)

Music used:
Ladies of the Woods - Percival & Marcin Przybyłowicz
Shadows and Echoes - Jeremy Soule
Menu Theme - Mikko Tarmia
Hub - Mikko Tarmia
Tooth and Claw - Jeremy Soule
Silent Footsteps - Jeremy Soule
Water Music - George Frideric Handel
Decay - Kevin MacLeod
Around the Fire - Jeremy Soule

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