BADAM! Podcast

BADAM! Episode 71: Sugar-Beard, Devourer of Bees

April 29, 2017

Troy, Patrick, Chris, and Sabel talk about what we would do for money, HPV, being metal, scheduling, shenanigans, car trouble, Patrick’s birthday, picking up chicks, strange cakes, cool waiters, Super Mutant rights, and Shovel Knight.

This week on BADAM! Radio Thrillers: "Punch McHardfist" (One-shot, hopefully)

Music used:
Explore 07 - Inon Zur
Flesh & Metal - Mick Gordon
Standoff - Inon Zur
Rip & Tear - Mick Gordon
Uninvited - Inon Zur
At Doom's Gate - Mick Gordon

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